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2024 New Referee Registration




(you may want to print this page as a reference before proceeding)


If you are a New Referee or a Returning Referee see the following. 

A. If you are already a Game Officials user (game officials has nothing to do with the ussoccer website) you can just sign into Game Officials, with your user ID and Password. 

B. Your USSOCCER user ID and Password will NOT work on the Game Officials site.


          Only a Game Officials user ID and password will work. If you do not have one then you will need to sign up on Game Officials as a NEW USER . 

         If you have one but cannot remember it then use the forgot user ID and or forgot password directions.


C. If you are a new user on Game Officials you should sign into Game Officials as a New User. Then follow the instructions.

D. If you are having trouble please contact our Game Officials administrator Allen Drew at  for further instructions.

1.  Go to

2. Select New User? in the left menu.

3. Select I have NEVER BEEN  registered and then CHECK BOX to meet requirements. (even if you have registered in the past on another website like US Soccer).

4. Click Continue.

5. Fill in required information and save!




Now that you are a Game Officials user you then can go and sign up for a new class. 

6. Go to - New Referee Classes. 

If you are a Returning Referee click on : Referee Renewal Instructions .


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