2020 New Referee Classes




      You must complete the USSF online training course prior to attending any of these classes – please open - Online Training Course Instructions page.



                                            New referees have to complete the following –

     Before taking any referee classes you must have completed the 2020 New Referee Registration process. Go to 2020 New Referee Registration .  

Once this has been completed you then can register for a class by completing the following - . 


1. Complete the online instructions – Online Training Instructions .

2. Register with Game Officials –  http://mainerefs.gameofficials.net.

3. Once you have completed the online training class you can now go to -


http://mainerefs.gameofficials.net. and select a new class . See below for classes offered. Find the class you can attend.

4. In Game officials select the class you want to attend and finish instructions.

5. Attend the new referee class. See dates below.


    For additional instructions and material information go to the Referee Handout tab on this web site and follow the instructions.


You must be 14 years old at the time you complete the course. There is no exception to this rule.

   Y​ou must complete the USSF online training course - Online Training Course Instructions. and register with - http://mainerefs.gameofficials.net - before taking the class. 

                                        Contact: Peter LeVasseur at -  pjlevasseur@metrocast.net.                                     



                                         ADDITIONAL DIRECTIONS TO ACCESS REGISTRATION PROCESS - 











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