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     All the re cert classes are listed, new referee Grassroots classes are listed, information on mentoring, assessment information, new rule changes, a link to clarifying the hand ball, tournaments, complete listing of all the assignors in the state, etc., etc.  Check it out. 

   Use this link to register on Game Officials:

    Please remember that all referees need to attend a yearly re cert class and pay the appropriate fee.  Please sign up on the re cert classes that have the letters:  Grassroots Re cert E, F, G, H, I. and pay your appropriate fee. 

    If you are a new referee that took a Grassroots course in June, July, or August, of 2022, you do NOT have to pay.  You still need to attend a re cert to get a 2023 patch and continue to be certified.  Please sign up on the Re cert classes with the numbers: Grassroots re cert numbers 5, 6, 7 ,8, 9,

    If you have any questions on what class to take, contact Pete LeVasseur at


or our general email - Administrator - Allen Drew at 


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