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                                                                      Mentors at the Soccer Maine Fall Classic Finals 2023

                                             L to R : Joe Foran, Pete LeVasseur, Rob Callahan, Jon Woodcock, Rob Landry

                              The mentoring program consists of instructors and assessors to coach you during your game.  The goal is to observe you and identify your strengths and areas that you can improve. 


                              It is done in a positive way that allows discussion with the mentors.  There is no charge for the mentoring program and all referees can request a free mentor or coach to observe their game and get feedback. 


                             Please contact Peter LeVasseur at: to request your free mentoring.

                             Please remember that this is not a formal assessment and if you desire a formal assessment, you should contact Stephen Peats at: and check out our assessment page for further information.

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