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2024 Referee Re-certification Classes



 To all Referees:

Mandatory Re certification classes for 2024 will begin in January 2024 and end May 2024. We are working with assignors to schedule these clinics and they will be posted on this web site, and you register for them on Game Officials.


See below for up-to-date classes. 


    The recertification classes have been scheduled and posted on Game Officials and are open to all referees.  All the recertification classes will be done by ZOOM and will feature the new rules for 2024 and a review of last year’s rules. 


   Once again Mike Pullen and Peter LeVasseur will be conducting the ZOOM classes and will use the material and videos from IFAB.  This will be a two-hour class and Mike and Peter will be available for questions at the end of each class.


        Please remember that all referees need to attend a yearly recert class and PAY the appropriate fee.  Please sign up on the recert classes that have the letters:  Advanced Recert A, B and Referee Recert C,D,E,etc, and PAY your appropriate fee. 

However the only exception:

If you are a NEW referee that took a Referee course in June, July, August, or Sept. of 2023, you do NOT have to pay.  You still need to attend a recert to get a 2024 patch and continue to be certified.  Please sign up on the Recert classes with the numbers: Referee recert numbers 1,2,3,etc., These are the free ones.


      After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing the ZOOM link and additional information. Usually the weekend before the class. This link will be sent out  the week of the recert.


Advance recert class are also posted below.    TBD

    Again, if you are a NEW referee from a June, July, Aug or Sept 2023 class you only need to sign up for the free classes. WHICH are designated with numbers. 1-10.

    All other referees whether regional or Regular Referee have to pay and attend a LETTER class. A too I.


    The remaining clinics will cover the same material and are posted on Game Officials as


“Referee Re certs”.  The dates for these clinics are:


All class dates are posted  below. 

You will need to complete the following requirements to be recertified for 2024


  1. Sign up on GAME OFFICIALS on the site and date that is correct for                                 you. See below link:



  1. Please check your address, email, and cell phone information and make any corrections.

  2. Fill out the KIDS SAFE section.  This is the free background check on Game Officials. Anyone who is turning 18 in 2023 or is older than 18 years, MUST fill out the Kids Safe form.  This is your background check.   Anyone 14 to 17 years old does not need to fill this form out.

  3. Go to the SAFE SPORT Site and complete the free training.

  4. The SafeSport training is available here:

    1. More information about this requirement is available here:

    2. Save a copy of your certificate and email it to me ASAP.

    3. Anyone who is turning 18 in 2023 or is older than 18 years, must do the Safe Sport training.  Anyone 14 to 17 years old does not need to do this training.

    4. If you have a SafeSport certificate from another organization that is current, please email it to me.  The training is the same, but I am not sure that you would be on the USSF list.

  5. ATTEND THE WHOLE TWO HOUR RECERT ZOOM CLASS.  The ZOOM link will be sent to you once you register on Game Officials. This link will be sent out the week of the class you signed up for.


    Once you complete the requirements and attend the entire ZOOM class, we will register you for 2024 and we will mail you your patch and Velcro.  Please complete the requirements (#1 to 4) before taking the class. Those that have not completed the requirements will not be recertified until we have all the information as outlined above.


    GRADE 9 Referee is no longer available. If you are still a grade 9 referee please let us know. You will need to attend a class ( the second day of any new referee class ) 

Please let Peter know if this pertains to anyone still refereeing.



    The USSF year runs July 1st, 2023  to June 30th 2024. USSF has eliminated the grade 9 classification and therefore all referees must be certified to be an assistant referee and center referee.  Remember, if you do not want to do centers, then just let your assignor know and they will assign you as assistant referees only, your choice.

If you have any questions, please email me.

Pete LeVasseur

SDI, Maine


Here is the link to US Soccer law change presentations:


2020-2021 Changes

2021-2022 Changes

Kicks from the mark matrix - PK Matrix:




2024   Regular Referee  RE  CERTIFICATION CLASSES   



                        ZOOM CLASSES TBD



            Advanced Clinics - 

Any referee can attend the advance classes, regional referees are required to attend the advance class. Regular Referees can attend the advance class and or the regular Referee classes. 

                       ALL ADVANCE CLASSES TBD

any questions -

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