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Referee Renewal Instructions

If you are renewing for - 2024 - 

1. If you are already a Game Official user you can just sign into Game Officials, 

2. Use your username and password to sign in.

3. If you are a new user on Game Officials you can sign into Game Officials as a New User. Then follow the instructions.

4. If you are having trouble, please contact our Game Officials administrator Allen Drew at or for further instructions.

Instructions - 

a. Register with Game Officials at the following link:

b. Log In - user name and password.

c. Follow Instructions.

d. Check box to meet requirements.
e. Click Continue.
f. Fill in required information and save!

5. You will next need to register for one of the re certification classes.

Go to - Re certification Classes to find a class. Once you see a class you can attend, go into and select that class. Follow instructions for signing up. 

6. In Game Officials it will ask you to pay your fee, complete the transaction.

7.  Must complete the US Soccer re cert classes -

You now have registered and paid for the upcoming season.

Next -

7. If you are 18 or older you will need to complete a KID SAFE check.  

8. When you register for a class in Game Officials and after you pay your fee the system will then lead you through the steps for completing the required KID SAFE checks.

KID SAFE check information:

Once you have registered for the KID SAFE Check , you will be notified Within 48 hours of your status if we need more information.   

KID SAFE tests will be good for One year.

 The SafeSport training is available here:  

                     More information about this requirement is available here:

Once you have completed your online registration, completed a KID SAFE check if 18 or older, submitted payment, completed online re cert classes, and attended a Re certification clinic, your record will be sent to the Maine Referee office for review and approval. 

Once you have been approved by the Maine Referee Office your name will be submitted to USSF for further registration.










1.  If I have a 2022 patch do I have to attend a re certification clinic?

 Yes, however you do NOT have to pay because you attended a referee class during the 2022/2023 USSF year and are already registered.  The re cert clinic is free.

2.  Why do I need to attend this clinic every year?

During this time, we discuss the new rule changes, review other game situations, and review signals, calls, and fouls and misconducts.  By attending the clinic your name also gets put on the Soccer Maine Referee data base of approved referees.  You cannot referee unless your name is on this data base.

3.  Where do I get my USSF ID# to register with USSF?

Contact Peter LeVasseur{}    he will have it for you or will give you directions on how to obtain the ID number.

4.  Where do I get my patch??

When you register on Game Officials and have completed all the requirements you will either receive your patch at the end of your class or it will be sent to you for 2023. 


 If you have any questions, please contact:


SDI, Pete LeVasseur at - .


Administrator - Allen Drew at 

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