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     2024 Re-certification
     Training Information

    The following are the links from the re-certification classes that everyone has and needs to attend.   
These links have information on a
variety of topics. 


     It’s time to get ready for another exciting year of officiating. 


Our Maine Soccer Referee Association (MSRA) committee have updated and improved our Web site so that you can continue to get valuable information on it.  


    All the recert classes are listed, new referee classes are listed, Safesports information and links, information on mentoring, assessment information, new rule changes, a link to clarifying the hand ball, tournaments, complete listing of all the assignors in the state, etc., etc.  Check it out. 


    Use this link for the Maine Soccer Referee Association web site:

Use this link to find the complete listing of all the re cert classes and directions to register:

Use this link to register on OMS -


Please remember that all referees need to attend a yearly re cert class and COMPLETE THE ONLINE PORTION.  


The Referee re certs Zoom Classes are held from 6:30 to 8:30pm. 

The dates are  - 

1. April 7

2. April 17

3. May 5

Please remember that if you are 18 and older, you must have a current SafeSport certificate, and the Intro to safe and healthy playing environment certification or you can’t referee.  The directions are on the web site.

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