The fitness test is a yearly requirement for all
Regional and National Referees .
If you are a Grassroots referee looking to
upgrade to a Regional referee then you will need the fitness test as part of
your upgrade requirements.

Fitness test requirements are posted below and on the Assessment Page.              

Regional Referee Test 


1.Gorham HS, 41 Morrill Ave, Gorham.
Stephen Peats: Saturday, July 9,  12 pm to 2 pm.

2.Cameron Stadium, 300 Garland Street, Bangor.
Allen Drew: 
Sunday July17,12pm to 2 pm.

3.MT View High School ,577 Mt View Rd , Thorndike.
Stephen Peats : Sunday, Aug. 21,12 pm to 2 pm.

Fitness test requirements for all regional referees.

1.The regional fitness Test is the 40 meter sprint X -  6   and right after is the 75 meter / 25 meter lap endurance test.  X 10 laps. 

2.Sprints =  6 sprints  , each sprint has to be completed in - .6.6.sec.       

3.75 meter run =  each 75 m run has to be completed in - .20.sec.

4.25 meter walk - each 25 m walk has to be completed in - .20.sec.
5.The run is for 10 laps of the track.