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 Regionals 2022  /  Nationals 2022




         Every year USYS holds regional tournaments for the teams that win their individual state tournament. Maine is in region 1 which also includes NH, MA, RI, VT, ENY, WNY, EPA, WPA, MD, WV, VA, CT, DE and NJ.


        Each state that sends teams to the tournament also supplies referees together with a ref coach. The site of the tournament revolves around the states that make up Region 1 .


        This year we took a delegation of 5 refs and one ref coach.   

        Each ref is usually assigned 3 games a day with one a center ref assignment and the others assistant ref assignments. Often there is a ref coach at each game, that give feedback, suggestions, and praise.


       You receive a stipend from Region 1 as well as your travel, food and accommodations covered by either Region 1 or by the Maine State Referee Association.

        You make new friends as well at these tournaments, you get to collect coins from the other states, and you certainly learn a lot about reffing as there are both regional and national coaches present



    We have started looking for our delegation for the 2024 Regional tournament        which will be held in West Virginia. So, if you are interested let us know


                                                    Nationals 2022

        The following are from a couple referees that were selected to attend the national tournament in Florida. 

                         2022 National Championship, Orland, Florida - Maine Referee Adie Hughes

     The National Youth Soccer Championships were held this year in Orlando and I and Andrew Porada were


selected, as part of the contingent to represent Region 1, at these Championships. It was a great experience as


there were some of the top National Referee Coaches in the country mentoring us and providing useful insight


into our matches. To be selected to represent Maine and the East Region as one of the Top 190 Youth referees in


the country was a great honor, especially alongside Andrew who I have grown up refereeing with. It was also


great to learn from the referees around us, meet new friends, and see friends from past tournaments. Thank you,


Maine State Referee Committee for your continued support of us throughout!



      Below are the Referees selected to represent Region 1 at the National Championships





Adie Hughes 6 th from the left second row and Andrew Porada 2 nd from the left top row


                                  Adie having a conversation with a couple players - 




                                                      National Championship Orland Florida (ESPN)

                                                                                     Maine Referee

                                                                       Andrew Porada

      Throughout this referee journey I have traveled across the U.S. from Maine to California. However, this step in


the process was different, attending the U.S. Youth Soccer National Championship Series in Orlando, Florida. This


event had both players, coaches, referees (coaches) from across the U.S. representing almost every state and

Region. To attend this event as a referee you must show promise and the ability to preform at a high level.


Personally I was invited through the East Region championships, however others can be selected from

different events within the Region.



       While at this event I saw friends from across the U.S. and then was able to  meet and make new ones along


the way. One of the most important things that was mentioned throughout the  week was how we are a family


and we can only become stronger together. Within the East Region (Maryland) we lost a member of our referee


family who was selected to attend nationals prior to the event. His parents attended the event and spoke with us


about who he was as a person and how refereeing and the people he met along the way changed who he was





      At the end of the day we are there to referee a game and understand that family and friends can

come first and saying no to an assignment is okay. Within this event I was able to officiate as a referee and


assistant referee. The matches I officiated during this event were U14 F 4th, U18 M CR, U15 M 4th, U16 F CR, U18


F AR1, U19 M AR2, and U15 M semi final AR2. Additionally having the chance to learn from the National Referee


Coaches in attendance, as well as the Special Guests (Esse Baharmast, Rick Eddy, and Mark Geiger).



       Each speaker shared about how they got to where they are today and how

we as referees can grow and learn to become better. Something that was spoken about was

how fitness was the key to your success, but how additionally it is about the person you are

both no and off the field. On the last night when finals selections were being made we were told that we would


be attending the Florida Cup match between Arsenal and Chelsea in Orlando, Florida at Camping World Stadium.


Having the opportunity to see this match was very eye opening in how the game evolves at a different age.






      The referees in this match were all of the National level from FL, NC, and GA. Overall, I enjoyed attending this

event and having the chance to learn. While at this event another Soccer Maine Referee (Adie) was in attendance.


as seen in the images.

Andrew 3 IMG_3225 (1).jpeg
Adie 2 IMG_3037.jpeg
adie 3.jpg
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