Regionals 2021


                                                       HAMMONTON NJ


         Every year USYS holds regional tournaments for the teams that win their individual state tournament. Maine is in region 1 which also includes NH, MA, RI, VT, ENY, WNY, EPA, WPA, MD, WV, VA, CT, DE and NJ.


        Each state that sends teams to the tournament also supplies referees together with a ref coach. The site of the tournament revolves around the states that make up Region 1 and this year it was held in NJ, housing was at Stockton University and the games were held at Tuckahoe Turf Farms about a 20 min drive from the University.


        This year we took a delegation of 3 refs and one ref coach. We also had a ref form Maine that was in the WV delegation – a story for another time.



Stephen Peats (ref coach), Ben Littell, Tate Clough, Riley Reichtel and Adie Hughes outside the dorms at Stockton University.


        Each ref is usually assigned 3 games a day with one a center ref assignment and the others assistant ref assignments. Often there is a ref coach at each game, that give feedback, suggestions, and praise.


       You receive a stipend from Region 1 as well as your travel, food and accommodations covered by either Region 1 or by the Maine State Ref Association.

       There are three days of preliminary games and then a day off. We were quite near Philadelphia and another ref coach offered to give us a tour


                           First stop of the day was at the “Shiney Diney” as the crew referred to it for breakfast


        We saw Independence Hall, Liberty Bell but unquestionably the highlight was running up the “Rocky Steps”, made famous in the first Rocky movie as the place he trained for his fight.


       The ref crew did the full run up the steps and were triumphant at the completion of all the steps.

        You make new friends as well at these tournaments, you get to collect coins from the other states, and you certainly learn a lot about reffing as there are both regional and national coaches present



      This is the Maine crew and the Rhode Island crew that were housed opposite us in the housing quadrant. The Maine crew challenged the RI crew to a volleyball game (think we had the height advantage!) Difficult to know who won, as the game was played in near darkness.


        There is relaxing between games often spent cheering on one of our other delegates. It was a very hot week and finding shade was essential. Here is Ben and Riley cheering on Tate, or was it jeering



                                                    All 3 did a really good job. Here is Tate doing a line

                                                                             And Ben with his crew
































                     Riley got selected to do an AR on the U 19 G final, quite an honor and it was well deserved.


      We have started looking for our delegation for the 2022 Regional tournament        which will be held in WV. So, if you are interested let us know