If you want an ASSESSMENT TO UPGRADE, or one for Maintenance Requirements please contact Stephen Peats at : .


      Normal order is:

    1. Referee informs SDA they are requesting upgrade or Maintenance (via re cert. email,                     phone,SDA,etc).

    2. Referee makes themselves available to Assignor(s) to work games.

    3. Assignor assigns referees according to their criteria & the USSF ethics code.

    4. Referee contacts SDA after receiving appropriate match for upgrade.

    5. SDA Assigns Assessor.

    6. Assessor & referee contact each other about the match.

    7. Referee pays assessor the appropriate fee to include Registration Fee to US Soccer.

      (prior to the match). The fee is a game fee plus registration fee. 

    8. Match is refereed & assessed.

    9. If match is competitive & meets criteria, referee passes or fails.

    10. If going for an upgrade -  complete the above - plus

    11. Complete and pass the fitness test.

    12. Complete and pass the written test for the grade upgrading to. 


Cost for upgrade - 

Grade 8 to 7 - Assessment fee (game fee) plus $50 registration fee.  

Grade 7 to 6 - Assessment fee (game fee) plus $50 registration fee.

    The following attachments are available to the referee as guidance or as information for an  assessment :   

                                        Law Changes​                           Assessment and Upgrade Procedures




See below information for Upgrade Requirements and Grade Maintenance Requirements


                                                                 Grade                                    Grade                                      Grade

                                                                                        8                                                       7                                                          6

Certifying & Upgrading                             

Minimum age                                                  14                                                  16                                                   18

Previous Game Experience (center)         NA                                                 10*                                                 10**

Previous Game Experience (AR)                NA                                                 10*                                                 10**

Previous Grade Experience (months)      NA                                                   6                                                      6

Training   courses  -                 USSF Certified Course        Attend Advanced Clinic           Attend Advanced Clinic

Training: On line modules  -  Complete on line mod       Complete on line mod            Complete on line mod

Training:  Written Test  -                              NA                       Complete Written Test           Complete Written Test                                                        



Laws of the Game Test                              NA                                               >85                                                   >85

FIFA Fitness Test                                    Not required                            Required                                           Required

Sprint test - 40 meter/6 reps                                                             9 seconds/sprint                        9 seconds/sprint

Interval test -150 meter run/20 reps                                                     45 seconds                                      45 seconds

Interval test -50 meter walk/20 reps                                                     45 seconds                                      45 seconds

Practical Evaluation                               Not required                             Required                                        Required

Game Level                                                                                                   U15 or above                                U17 or above

Developmental assessments as CR                                                                 1                                                       1

Developmental assessments as AR                                                                 1                                                       1

Upgrade assessments as CR                                                                              1                                                       1

Cost -                                                                                                     $50 plus assessment                $50 plus assessment

                                                                                                                   costs  (game fee)                      costs (game fee)



Training                                                    Annual Re cert Class              Annual Re cert Class           Annual Advance                                                                                                                                                                                    Re cert Class

Laws of the Game Test

FIFA Fitness Test                                      Not required                          Required                                         Required


Sprint test - 40 meter/6 reps                                                            9 seconds/sprint                       9 seconds/sprint

Interval test -150 meter run /20  reps                                                    45 seconds                                     45 seconds

Interval test -50 meter walk/20  reps                                                     45 seconds                                     45 seconds

Practical Evaluation                                Not required                            Required                                        Required

Game Level                                                                                                  U15 or above                                U17 or above

Maintenance assessments as CR                                                                    1                                                       1

Maintenance assessments as AR                                                                    1                                                       1

* U17 or above

** U19 or above and can include college NISOA games.