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                     Safesport Continued


                                                                    SafeSport Transition Update  

If referees have questions on SafeSport’s website specifically or need to add U.S. Soccer as a member to their SafeSport profile, please ensure you are referring them to the following contact information: or call 1-720-676-6417.  



                                      Regarding the SafeSport Transition in the Learning Center:   

                                                        Completing the Training in the LC:   

As of Friday, January 14th, all but approximately 2k users records have been completed and updated in the Learning Center and should be able to complete the training in the Learning Center directly.  

For those who are still being updated, they will receive a ‘waiting on your enrollment data’ error message. If they receive this error message, they should follow our FAQ steps to complete the training through SafeSport’s website directly.   

If users receive a ‘something went wrong’ error when completing the SafeSport training in the LC, they should first log out and back in and try again. If the error persists, they should email our team so our developers may further review.  



At this time to download their SafeSport certificate users may need to do so in SafeSport’s website directly while we continue to update the system.   

If they complete the training on SafeSport’s website and need to add it to their profile, they should first attempt to add it themselves following this FAQ’s instructions. If that does not work, they will need to send it to our team with their name, date of birth, and USSF ID so we may add it to the profile directly.  


                                                              Course Assignment:    

If the profile shows SafeSport as updated, but the SafeSport assignment in an ongoing course still displays as ‘not yet submitted’, please email our team the profile so we may update the assignment in the course according to their profile. This is ONLY in cases where their profile safesport expiration date already indicates that the safesport training is up to date and the course is not reflecting that correctly. 

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