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               Referee Class Assignments


  1. Go to the US Soccer Learning Center tab on this web site and register as a referee.  You will need a unique account identifier, which is an email address. Parents/referees may not use their lone email address to register multiple referees. Each referee needs their own email address.


  1. Once you have registered with the ussoccer learning center you need to take the 2024 Maine- Online Referee  Module.  This online course will take 4.5 hours to complete and is a guide to the Laws of the Game.  Follow these steps:


      Use this direct link for the online class -


      Goto: “My Courses”
    2. Take the Safesport program if you are 18 and older.

    3. Highlight: 2024 Maine-Online Referee Module- this course does not issue a license

    4. Highlight: Assignments

    5. Highlight: Online  Referee Course

      1. Please remember that you can start the course, close it out, and return any time to finish.  If you do not close it out, and return the next day, it will make you start all over. When you finish the course, your name will appear on the instructors list of names who completed the course as satisfactory.

  2. You can’t be certified until you complete this course, attend the two-day in person class and complete the assignments listed below.

  1. Open the website:

    1. This web site will help explain the offside rule.

  2. Read the following attachments:

    1. FKO Misconduct Chart

              i.      Memorize the 12 direct free kick offenses (DFK) and complete the Referee Test DFK & IFK sheet.

              ii.      Memorize the 9 Indirect free Kick Offenses (IFK)

  1. Advice for New Referees

  2. 2020-2021 Cautionable and sending off offenses.

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